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  • Activists push for awareness of North Korea human rights abuses

    In a hearing before members of Congress, victims of North Korea’s human rights abuses and experts on the dictatorship’s harsh practices asked for support in bringing an end to the country’s harsh treatment of political dissenters.

  • Romney advisers are zealous on Sudan, but is he?

    Two of Mitt Romney's top foreign policy advisers slammed the Obama administration this week for failing to address a mounting humanitarian catastrophe in Sudan, saying Mr. Obama's mishandling of the region's ongoing crisis offers a window into how a Romney White House would do things differently.

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  • Natsios urged the use of stronger language and international support, saying that current policy negotiations "have been an abject failure," and that North Korea has continued its nuclear proliferation and human rights violations despite "moderately" phrased declarations decrying the regime’s tactics.

    Activists push for awareness of North Korea human rights abuses →

  • "The U.S. is pressing African and Arab governments to arrest him and send him to the [court] for prosecution. Why isn't the U.S. government arresting him if we support the indictment?" said Mr. Natsios, who is currently director of the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs at Texas A&M University.

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