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  • Prosecutors: Hacker helped thwart 300 cyberattacks

    A prolific computer hacker who infiltrated the servers of major corporations later switched sides and helped the government disrupt hundreds of cyberattacks on Congress, NASA and other sensitive targets, according to federal prosecutors.

  • EDITORIAL: The criminal 'link' of forwarding websites

    The genius of the Internet is that it seamlessly links from one item to another. The online "community" is without end; there's always something else to click on.

  • Illustration: Get Out of Jail spy card by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

    EDITORIAL: The lies governments tell

    It's harder by the day to credit the defenders of domestic surveillance. They insist NSA spies are only doing what's necessary to thwart the evil schemes of terrorists. The document collection leaked by Edward J. Snowden consistently undermines the pretty narrative that insists, "Trust us, we're spying for your own good." New files released by NBC News show that some snooping agencies are more obsessed with naughty teenagers than terrorists.

  • Fear hackers? Sochi is little worse than elsewhere

    How safe is Sochi for your electronics and personal data?

  • ** FILE ** Members of the hacking group Anonymous. (Associated Press)

    Anonymous' secret presence within the U.S. military: report

    An active-duty Army captain and member of Anonymous spoke with BuzzFeed on condition of anonymity about the prevalence of the "hacktivist" organization within the military and how the U.S. can look forward to plenty more leaks in the future.

  • ** FILE ** Rebekah Phelps-Roper, demonstrating near the Tennessee Capitol in 2006, is a member of Westboro Baptist Church, a group whose right to protest at funerals of American soldiers killed in combat carrying signs such as "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "Priests Rape Boys'' was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2011. (Associated Press)

    Westboro Baptist Church's Facebook page hit by Anonymous hackers

    Hackers from the group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for an attack on Westboro Baptist Church's Facebook page as retribution for the group's call to picket and protest funerals for the Boston bombing victims.

  • Social media editor charged in hacking conspiracy

    A deputy social media editor for Reuters vowed that Friday would be "business as usual" despite charges of conspiring with the notorious hacking group Anonymous to deface an online story of the Los Angeles Times.

  • Journalist's lawyer: Prank doesn't merit prison

    A lawyer for a Reuters editor accused of helping hackers deface a Los Angeles Times story said Friday that the journalist didn't commit the crime, but even if he did, it was an Internet prank that shouldn't send anyone to prison for 25 years.

  • Journalist charged in hacking conspiracy suspended

    News agency Reuters has suspended with pay a deputy social media editor after he was indicted on federal charges of conspiring with the hacking group Anonymous to deface an online story of the Los Angeles Times.

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