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  • Prosecutor defends fees

    RICHMOND — A Henrico County prosecutor yesterday argued that the state has the constitutional right to impose stiff "abuser fees" solely against Virginia drivers because those drivers are responsible for most of the wear and tear on local roads.

  • Second court bars Virginia abuser fee

    A second judge in Virginia ruled yesterday that the state's new "abuser fees" program that singles out resident drivers is unconstitutional.

  • Judge first to rule against Virginia's new driver fees

    RICHMOND — A Henrico County judge yesterday ruled that singling out Virginia drivers in the state's new "abuser fee" program is unconstitutional.

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  • Attorneys representing Anthony O. Price, convicted last week of driving on a suspended license for the fifth time in Virginia, argue the state's new fee program is unconstitutional because an out-of-state driver would be immune to the additional $750 Mr. Price now faces.

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