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  • Georgian tanks move along a road outside the capital, Tbilisi.

    Russian agent linked to U.S. Embassy blast

    A bomb blast near the U.S. Embassy in Tblisi, Georgia, in September was traced to a plot run by a Russian military intelligence officer, according to an investigation by the Georgian Interior Ministry.

  • Vladimir Putin

    Inside the Ring

    Last month's drowning death of a senior Russian military intelligence official in Syria has sparked speculation among intelligence officials that the spymaster was killed as part of an effort by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to centralize Russian intelligence power and return to the era of the all-powerful KGB communist political police.

  • Russia flexing military muscle

    LONDON — In a hangar at an airfield 24 miles southeast of Moscow, technicians yesterday were checking over the latest additions to the burgeoning military arsenal that a resurgent Russia hopes can restore its status as a major world power.

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