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    Embassy Row: Best of times, worst of times with Mexico

    For Mexico's former ambassador to the U.S., the hot-and-cold relationship between the two countries reminds him of the Dickens novel "A Tale of Two Cities."

  • **FILE** An open bundle of marijuana seized at a warehouse in San Diego along the border between the United States and Mexico on Nov. 3, 2010, is seen here. A 600-yard tunnel was discovered in the warehouse. U.S. authorities found 20 tons of marijuana near the tunnel. (Associated Press)

    New U.S. legalized marijuana laws have 'profound impact' in Mexico

    The Mexican ambassador to the United States said Wednesday the decision by Colorado and Washington state to legalize marijuana for recreational use has had a "profound impact" on the public's perception of his country's efforts to halt drug smuggling across the southwestern border.

  • Embassy Row

    The Mexican ambassador is urging U.S. presidential candidates to tone down their rhetoric on issues affecting U.S.-Mexican relations, the thorniest being illegal immigration from Mexico.

  • Embassy Row

    The Mexican ambassador compared rival Mexican drug gangs responsible for 35,000 deaths to businessmen pursing "hostile takeovers," as he complained about U.S. attempts to label murderous cartels as terrorists.

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