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  • Armstrong Williams (Courtesy of

    WILLIAMS: Foretelling the future

    The science of foretelling was apparently revered by the ancients. But in most of the Western world, fortune telling has lost its potency — that is, unless the fortune teller happens to be a scientist, pollster or economist.

  • Political Scene

    The Senate will try to pass a bill this week keeping the government operating through March 4, when the next Congress would have to work out spending priorities for the rest of the fiscal year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Sunday.

  • Mortgage Q&A: Inflation fears boost rates

    Mortgage rates shot up last week, mainly because of a sell-off in U.S. Treasury bonds. Thirty-year fixed-rate mortgages tend to follow the movement of the 10-year Treasury bond.

  • In this Dec. 9 photo, construction workers in Shanghai push wheelbarrows past an energy-themed advertisement featuring a photo of President Obama depicted as Buddha. American lawmakers are pressing China for action on currency and high-tech trade in talks this week, and an impending Washington visit by President Hu Jintao has raised expectations Beijing might offer concessions. (Associated Press)

    U.S. free-traders sour on China

    Long-simmering trade tensions between the United States and China have broken out into open verbal warfare, with some highly respected and influential voices on trade now advocating an all-out economic war with the Asian giant.

  • Ben S. Bernanke

    Fed chief Bernanke grilled by GOP on Hill over loose money policies

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to defend himself against the latest assault by Republicans on the Fed's loose money policies.

  • SANDERS: Unholy alliances, economic hookups

    While the worlds largest economies yammered through the night at last weeks Group of 20 summit in Seoul, the European Unions common currency headed toward a new crisis.

  • VERSACE: All aboard the freight car rebound

    This past week was both an interesting one and for the most part one that turned out I would say as expected. I'm referring to both Election Day and the formal announcement of what many have come to call QE2, or Quantitative Easing Part 2, by the Federal Reserve.

  • ** FILE ** The Swiss bank UBS in Zurich (AP Photo)

    Banks get years to adjust to new global rules

    Bankers and analysts said new global rules could mean less money available to lend to businesses and consumers, but they praised a decision to give them plenty of time — until 2019 — before the so-called Basel III requirements come into full force.

  • BIG DROP: A specialist reacts to the plunge on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday. (AP Photo)

    Economic outlook divides Fed

    The dramatic economic slowdown this summer has provoked an increasingly contentious debate among analysts, including an unusually public split among members of the Federal Reserve Board, over the U.S. economy's long-term outlook and the possibility of a Japan-like "lost decade."

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