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  • "It's like when you drive a car," he said. "You're always looking in your mirrors, checking your driving ... in a big truck, you just have to be a little more defensive. We have to pay attention quite a bit more in every direction. Our heads are always moving. People don't realize that our heads are moving every eight to 10 seconds, looking in mirrors, looking left, looking right and looking ahead of us."

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  • "Our biggest concern is other drivers. They cut us off, they'll pull in front of us on a hill and slow down, and that's dangerous for other drivers behind us that are coming up that hill," Ben Watson of Gemini Trucking told the Williston Herald ( "Once we're downshift on a hill, we can't get that speed back up, so if we were doing 65 and they slow us down to 30 miles per hour, we're stuck at 30. You got cars coming up behind you doing 65 to 70 miles per hour."

    ND oil patch truckers detail challenges they face →

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