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  • Cover story: Right details on additions fit existing home style

    The Washington area may be home to Democrats, Republicans, independents and Libertarians, but no matter what their political persuasion, local residents more than likely live in a conservative home.

  • Photo courtesy of Lorna Gross
One trend in home offices is that they are becoming part of a multifunctional room, so people can work, yet still be part of family life. A well-lighted desk in this room provides a work space while the couch offers others a place to relax.

    Cover story: Work-anywhere technology changes idea of home office

    Traditional home offices tend to have cherry-paneled walls, a solid wood desk with a computer and perhaps a portrait of George Washington on the wall. Times have changed.

  • Courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling
Many homeowners are forgoing having a tub in the bathroom and are instead using tile work and frameless glass doors to highlight the shower.

    Cover story: Cleaning up the look of bathrooms

    Sleek is in, at least in bathrooms. Where bathrooms once were designed with ornate cabinetry and a mix of finishes and flourishes, these days, modern, clean lines and clear glass are trendy.

  • Photo courtesy of Virgil Ocampo
If space is not an issue, a virtual golf course could be installed to create the ultimate man cave.

    Cover story: 'Man cave' gives hubby a place

    Remember Archie Bunker's chair? No one other than Archie himself was allowed to sit in his armchair on the hit 1970s television show, "All in the Family." While today's elaborate "man caves" may be a tad more luxurious than that armchair, Bill Millholland, executive vice president of Case Design/Remodeling in Bethesda, said Archie's chair represents that character's version of a man cave.

  • Cover story: Condo redesign involves special considerations

    Condominium owners may enjoy the advantage of avoiding exterior home-maintenance projects or major landscaping, but when they want to renovate their home to modernize the layout or update the kitchen, they face some challenges that owners of single-family homes escape.

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