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  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘Into the Fire’

    Like fellow Medal of Honor winners Alvin York and Audie Murphy in World Wars I and II respectively, Sgt. Dakota Meyer is a Southern farm boy who always has been good with a rifle. Like them, he always has been something of a maverick as well. He has strong opinions and tends to be reckless and innovative. All this stood him well in the battle of Ganjigal in Afghanistan's deadly Kunar River Valley.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Prescriptions from the front

    Bing West is on his way to becoming the Thucydides of the global War on Terror. Like the Athenian, he has frequently been in the front lines, but in the capacity of a special adviser he has also been in the halls of power when the strategies of the twin conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have been debated.

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