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  • Wounded vets get boost to play hockey

    After he was wounded in Iraq, Joseph Bowser was told he could keep his right leg or have it amputated. If it were amputated, he was told, he would be able to keep doing all things he used to do.

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  • "Anything we can do to get them out and active and be a part of the team and back out in the world and back out into society," Banach said. "It's a whole new skill for them that they didn't realize they can do, because a lot for them were never even exposed to the game. But it really helps them out, not just for hockey, but to get out and forget about the hospital setting."

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  • "A lot of them never played hockey before," said Bob Banach, president of the program. "But once they get out there, they realize how much fun they have. It's all about the camaraderie."

    Wounded vets get boost to play hockey →

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