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  • W.Va. man can recover damages in insurer dispute

    A former Wyoming County Council on Aging director can recover damages for aggravation and inconvenience from an insurance company that refused to represent him when the state sued him, a federal appeals court ruled.

  • Allen

    Spill response compared to Custer

    The Obama administration's repeated low estimates of the huge BP PLC oil spill undermined public confidence in the government's entire cleanup effort, leaders of a White House-appointed commission declared at an investigatory hearing Monday. One likened the mistakes to Custer's disastrous decisions at Little Bighorn.

  • Uninformed Hillary

    Nearly five years after Hillary Rodham Clinton made what she has described as "probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make," she finally admitted last week in public that she had not read the 90-page classified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) before casting her pivotal vote to authorize war against Iraq. The NIE was the intelligence community's most comprehensive assessment regarding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

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