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  • ** FILE ** Texas Gov. Rick Perry looks at the crowd as he is introduced during a stop on his GOP presidential campaign in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

    DECKER: Five questions with Rick Perry

    Gov. Rick Perry is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. He has been elected governor three times and served the remainder of George W. Bush's second term when the latter became the 43rd president of the United States, making Mr. Perry the longest-serving chief executive in Texas history.

  • The Washington Times

    DECKER: Five questions with Michele Bachmann

    Rep. Michele Bachmann is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president who enjoys strong Tea Party support. Currently serving her third term in the House of Representatives, she was the first Republican woman from Minnesota to be elected to Congress. A former state senator, Mrs. Bachmann understands the problems with the tax code inside and out from five years spent as a federal tax attorney with the Internal Revenue Service.

  • DECKER: Five questions with Buddy Roemer

    Buddy Roemer is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. He served in Congress from 1981-88 as one of the last truly conservative Democrats who crossed the aisle to back the Reagan agenda. He later was governor of Louisiana and switched party affiliation to the GOP. A longtime business executive, Mr. Roemer founded and was CEO of Business First Bank, a small community lender with $650 million is assets.

  • The Washington Times

    DECKER: Five questions with Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president, with a commanding 16 percent lead in New Hampshire and a 5 percent edge over the competition in Iowa. He is the former governor of Massachusetts and was runner-up for the GOP nomination for president in 2008. Mr. Romney has spent most of his life in private business, having founded Bain Capital investment firm and served as CEO of Bain & Co., one of the world's leading business consultancies.

  • The Washington Times

    DECKER: Five Questions with Jon Huntsman

    Jon Huntsman Jr. is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. He has a rare combination of domestic and foreign-policy experience as well as work as a business executive. A two-term governor of Utah, Mr. Huntsman was re-elected in 2008 with a record 77.7 percent of the vote.

  • Illustration by Donna Grethen

    PRIEBUS: Rising debt, rising China

    Among President Obama's many broken promises, none is as obvious as his failure to slow the growth of the nation's debt. Instead of cutting annual deficits in half, as promised, he racked up record annual deficits and rapidly accelerated our accumulation of debt, which recently surpassed an unthinkable $15 trillion.

  • Illustration by Kevin Kreneck

    DECKER & WEINSTEIN: The Chinese century

    Is China really a threat to America's pre-eminence in the world? Brett M. Decker, editorial page editor of The Washington Times, thinks so, and what's more, he believes President Obama is helping to make the 21st century a Chinese Century. Mr. Decker discusses how in his new book, "Bowing to Beijing: How Barack Obama is Hastening America's Decline and Ushering a Century of Chinese Domination," published Monday by Regnery and co-authored with William C. Triplett II. Mr. Decker recently talked to Jamie Weinstein, senior editor of the Daily Caller, about his new book and the threat he believes China poses.

  • Illustration by Kevin Kreneck

    BLANKLEY: Chapter and verse on China's moral predations

    A just-released book, "Bowing to Beijing" by Brett M. Decker and William C. Triplett II, will change forever the way you think about China - even if, like me, you already have the deepest worries about the Chinese threat. As I opened the book, I was expecting to find many useful examples of Chinese military and industrial efforts to get the better of the United States and the West.

  • Bowing to Beijing by Brett M. Decker and William C. Triplett II

    KUHNER: Obama's betrayal to China

    President Obama is creating a post-American world - one that is ushering in the dominance of China. Mr. Obama is fostering U.S. economic and military decline while simultaneously empowering Beijing's rise to superpower status. China's communists are on the march. Unless Americans wake up to the growing threat, both internal and external, our victory in the Cold War will have been useless.

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