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  • "He used the bully pulpit very, very effectively by going around the state, saying that, 'If the legislature decides to raise taxes, I'm going to veto it,' " Mr. Lees said. "Now Democrats did have the ability to override the veto, but really highlighting that and putting a spotlight on the legislature worked. They knew if they did it, that he'd be back in their home districts talking to editorial boards or giving speeches and pointing out the fact that their member voted to raise taxes. So, members were very skittish about that, and they didn't."

    Romney's initiatives: Miracles or gimmickry? →

  • Former state Sen. Brian Lees, who served as Senate minority leader during Mr. Romney's tenure, said Gov. Romney did succeed in pressuring Democrats to swallow cuts they didn't want and quell any talk of raising the state income or sales taxes.

    Romney's initiatives: Miracles or gimmickry? →

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