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  • News of Tumblr's sale to Yahoo Inc. scrolls on a Times Square ticker in New York City on Monday. Yahoo announced it will purchase Tumblr for about $1.1 billion and pledged to take a hands-off approach to the popular social media startup. (Associated Press)

    Yahoo pledges 'not to screw up' Tumblr

    Yahoo Inc. promised Monday "not to screw up" Tumblr's reputation for "cool" when it takes over — even as many of the trendy social network's 300 million users took to the site to complain about just that possibility.

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  • "It's a good idea for Tumblr, because they do have an incredibly engaged audience, but they haven't necessarily monetized it as well as they could have," Mr. Solis said. "They need help in the business department."

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  • "There's this skepticism that Yahoo's going to do the same thing with Tumblr — take this cool brand and make it uncool," he added. "But Marissa knows what she's doing."

    Yahoo pledges 'not to screw up' Tumblr →

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