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  • Three choppers crash on Kenyan mountain

    Rescue teams searching for survivors in the aftermath of the crashes of three Ugandan helicopter gunships on Kenya's highest mountain found two bodies Tuesday and were searching for at least seven soldiers and airmen in a rugged landscape where leopards and elephants roam.

  • Pakistani supporters of the banned Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir chant slogans and hold a banner that reads, "the state-sponsored abduction of Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Naveed Butt cannot stop the emergence of caliphate," during a protest in Lahore. A Pakistani army general accused of plotting with the Islamist organization to attack military headquarters has written a manifesto from his prison cell. It calls on the army to sever its anti-terror alliance with the United States, which he says is forcing the country to fight its own people. (Associated Press)

    Senior Pakistani officer issues anti-U.S. manifesto from his cell

    From his prison cell, a senior Pakistani officer accused of plotting with a shadowy Islamist group to take over the military released his political manifesto: His call was for the army to sever its anti-terror alliance with the United States, which he contends is forcing Pakistan to fight its own people.

  • Gunmen kill 4 in Iraqi hostage standoff

    Gunmen disguised as police officers seized control of a police station in western Iraq on Monday morning, killing four people and taking dozens of hostages before Iraqi forces swept in and ended the standoff, Iraqi officials said.

  • A local resident walks near a house (center) on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, where al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was caught and killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in early May. (AP Photo/Aqeel Ahmed)

    Pakistan army officer held on suspicion of extremism

    A senior officer serving at Pakistan's army headquarters has been detained on suspicion of ties to a banned Islamist group that has called for the military to overthrow the country's U.S.-allied government, the army spokesman said Tuesday.

  • Pakistan detains army officer for extremist ties

    Authorities detained a senior officer serving at Pakistani army headquarters for suspected links with a banned Islamist group, the army spokesman said Tuesday.

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