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Topic - Busch

==People==*Adam Busch (b. 1978), American actor*Adolf Busch (1891–1952), German violinist and composer*Adolphus Busch (1839–1913), founder of Anheuser-Busch*Adolphus Busch III (1891–1946), 3rd generation brewing magnate*August Anheuser Busch, Sr. (1865–1934), 2nd generation brewing magnate*August Busch III (b. 1937), 4th generation brewing magnate*August Busch IV (b. 1964), 5th generation brewing magnate*Charles Busch (b. 1954), American actor*Dirk Busch (b. 1951), German professor, singer, and songwriter*Ernst Busch (military) (1885–1945), German field marshal*Ernst Busch (actor) (1900–1980), German singer and actor*Fritz Busch (1890–1951), German conductor*Germán Busch (1904–1939), president of Bolivia*Gidone Busch (1968–1999), an Hasidic Jew who was shot to death by officers of the NYPD in Borough Park, Brooklyn*Gussie Busch (1899–1989), 3rd generation brewing magnate*Joe Busch (1907–1999), Australian rugby league footballer*Johannes Busch (1399–c1480), theologian*Jon Busch (b. 1976), American professional soccer player*Kurt Busch (b. 1978), American NASCAR driver*Kyle Busch (b. 1985), American NASCAR driver*Mae Busch (1891–1946), Australian actress*Michael E. Busch, (b. 1947) speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates*Neil Busch, American musician*Niven Busch (1903–1991), American novelist*Wilhelm Busch (1832–1908), German poet and caricaturist*Rene Busch (b. 1971), Estonian tennis player - Source: Wikipedia

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