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  • NC treasurer voting Duke shares against director

    North Carolina's public pension funds, which own a piece of Duke Energy, will use their influence to try to force Duke's board of directors to bring in new blood and improve oversight of the cleanup of a massive coal ash spill that coated 70 miles of a river with toxic sludge, state Treasurer Janet Cowell said Wednesday.

  • Cardinal Jaime Ortega attends a procession honoring the nation's patron saint, the Virgin of Charity of Cobre, in Havana on Nov. 10. A political cartoon that appeared in Miami's El Nuevo Herald showed the cardinal and a military-clad Cuban President Raul Castro singing a love song together, implying that the religious leader was a Castro lackey. (Associated Press)

    Cuban prelate under fire as cozy with Castro

    For months, Cuban Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega has been under fire called a lackey and political ally of President Raul Castro's communist government, asked to resign over his treatment of protesters, and ridiculed in Miami as a snobby elitist.

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  • "What surprises me this time is not that there are attacks, because there have always been attacks," said Carlos Saladrigas, a Cuban-American businessman and one-time hard-line anti-Castro militant who has become a voice for reconciliation between Miami and Havana. "It's the voracity of the attacks, their forcefulness."

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