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  • Poll shows Wisconsin governor's race narrows

    The race between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke has grown even tighter, with Walker seen as someone "able to get things done" and Burke doing better with women and younger voters, according to poll results released Wednesday.

  • Pollster John Zogby

    Outweighed Republicans skeptical of polls’ left tilt

    As President Obama and congressional Democrats have surged in polls, Republicans are increasingly arguing that the surveys are skewed — and some are going so far as to accuse pollsters of purposely trying to demoralize GOP voters.

  • ** FILE ** In this Dec. 1, 2011 photo, former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson greets supporters after formally launching his bid for U.S. Senate, at a manufacturing facility in Waukesha, Wis. (AP Photo/Dinesh Ramde, File)

    Race tightens in Wisconsin GOP Senate primary

    With less than a week until Wisconsin's hotly contested U.S. Senate primary, the Republican race is growing more competitive as all three candidates appear to have a pathway victory.

  • U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, a Democrat, decided not to seek re-election this year, presenting an opportunity for the GOP to pick up another seat. (Associated Press)

    Senate battle likely to cap volatile political year in Wisconsin

    With longtime Democratic incumbent Herb Kohl retiring, both parties are picking their champions for a U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin that will likely be a bellwether battle in the fight for control of the chamber in 2012.

  • Messages mixed on unions, health care in Ohio vote

    Ohio Democrats and labor unions spent much of Wednesday claiming bragging rights over the rejection by voters of a GOP-backed bill curbing union power, but a second vote repudiating the core of President Obama's health care law showed that things may not be so clear cut heading into 2012.

  • Republican Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling celebrates with supporters at Shully's restaurant in Thiensville Tuesday after turning back a recall election challenge. Four Republican senators survived recall votes while two were defeated by Democrats. Turnout was strong, in some areas as heavy as in the last gubernatorial race. (Associated Press)

    GOP keeps Senate control in Wisconsin recall

    Union forces in Wisconsin and beyond were dealt a blow Tuesday night after Republicans held onto four of the six state Senate seats in recall races and kept majority control of the chamber.

  • Jack Leff talks with poll workers as voters line up to cast ballots on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011 at Bayside Middle School in Bayside, Wis.,shortly after the polls open. With control of the Wisconsin Senate at stake, six Republican senators face a recall challenge today. On the ballot in Bayside is the race between Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Sandy Pasch. (AP Photo/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mike De Sisti)

    Wisconsin Senate hangs in balance

    Voters in Wisconsin went to the polls Tuesday in a recall election for Republican-held seats that could shift the power balance in the state Senate.

  • Feingold

    GOP newcomer hot on the heels of Feingold in Senate-race polls

    It was supposed to be an easy re-election for Sen. Russ Feingold. And come November, it still may be. But for now, the Wisconsin Democrat is facing one of his toughest campaign challenges in a long and successful political career.

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