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  • Brad Goreski (Associated Press)

    Tuning In to TV

    Larry King said he invested $700,000 with Wall Street scammer Bernard Madoff but was lucky enough to get it all back.

  • Matt Lauer (Associated Press)

    Tuning in to TV

    ABC's "Modern Family" may not be the top-rated comedy on television, but it's the one most viewers catch up with on their digital video recorders.

  • The new comedy "Horrible Bosses" features Kevin Spacey (right) as the sadistic employer of Jason Bateman's character. (Warner Bros. Pictures via Associated Press)

    MOVIE REVIEW: 'Horrible Bosses'

    You wouldn't want Dave Harken as your boss. As played by Kevin Spacey in "Horrible Bosses," Harken, an upper-tier executive at a white-collar cubicle farm, is belligerent, petty, heartless, prone to rage and jealousy, and, from time to time, downright sadistic.

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  • Mr. Day, however, said "Sunny" only works on those topics because a clear line is drawn between good and bad tastes.

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  • 'Well, we've done it all. We can't do anything else,' " Mr. Day said. "Then, the new season comes along, and we're always doing more."

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