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  • Deputy Attorney General James Cole. (Associated Press)

    Justice honors five for efforts to rescue missing children

    Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole paid tribute Wednesday to five persons during a National Missing Children's Day ceremony at the Justice Department, presenting awards to a special agent, a detective, a 30-year veteran of the Postal Service, a prosecutor and a fifth-grader for their efforts in recovering and rescuing missing children.

  • Illustration: China by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    CHAI: China's abuse-a-child day

    Every year on June 1, China celebrates its beautiful children. Children's Day in China brings smiles to the faces of millions of kids who survived the one-child policy and its consequences. It's a celebration of life, especially meaningful because so many children in China were never allowed to live. Children eat sweets and participate in fun activities, while the others (China reports 400 million others) are forgotten.

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