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  • FILE - This Nov. 29, 2013 file photo shows part of the website in Washington, on Nov. 29, 2013. The new year brings the big test of President Barack Obama’s beleaguered health care law: Does it work? The heart of the law springs to life Jan. 1, 2014, after nearly four years of political turmoil and three months of enrollment chaos. Patients will begin showing up at hospitals and pharmacies with insurance coverage bought through the nation’s new health care marketplaces.(AP Photo/Jon Elswick, File)

    Hacking expert David Kennedy says he cracked in 4 minutes

    The man who appeared before Congress last week to explain the security pitfalls of shows just how easy it was to penetrate the website.

  • EDITORIAL: Aiming at the wrong target

    With Republican friends like these, Ted Cruz needs no Democratic enemies. Once word leaked that the maverick Republican senator from Texas would appear on "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace says his email inbox bulged with "unsolicited research and questions" to use against him. The unsolicited material came not from Democrats, but from Republican elites. "I will tell you I have never in my time in Washington seen a party so upset with one of its own members," Mr. Wallace says.

  • Romney to give first postelection interview to Fox

    Fox's Chris Wallace has landed the first postelection interview with defeated Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann.

  • Inside the Beltway: Reeling along

    National Hunting and Fishing Day, celebrated the fourth Saturday of each September since 1972 with the motto "Hunt. Shoot. Fish. Share the pride," appears to be evolving into something beyond woodland camouflage or spinner reels.

  • Ann Romney and eldest son Tagg were the only two in the family who voted for another presidential run by the former Massachusetts governor. Yet those two votes out of 12 helped bring Mr. Romney to primary victories and ultimately to the nominating convention. (Associated Press)

    'Mittigator' Ann Romney to make case for husband Mitt

    She is a gracious warrior with a kind face, a polished demeanor and the inner mettle of a survivor. Ann Romney has been called the secret weapon of her husband's campaign, and he adores her: When Mitt Romney strides to the podium to introduce his wife of 43 years, he calls her "sweetheart." She smiles. The crowd goes crazy.

  • Inside Politics: Ann Romney keeps quiet on disagreements with Mitt

    Ann Romney disagrees with her husband, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, on some issues, but she's staying tight-lipped on the details.

  • Morley Safer of "60 Minutes" speaks at the CBS News memorial service for Mike Wallace, his former colleague, at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York on Tuesday. For nearly two hours, colleagues, friends and family members swapped stories about one of television news' best-known journalists. Wallace died at age 93 on April 7. (Associated Press)

    Tuning in to TV: Judge rules in favor of Golden Globes producers

    A federal judge ruled Monday that producers of the Golden Globe Awards acted properly when they negotiated a deal keeping the glitzy gala on NBC through 2018.

  • Chris Wallace: Dad Mike became 'best friend'

    "Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace says his dad, veteran "60 Minutes" journalist Mike Wallace, worked hard to connect with his family in his last years and became his "best friend."

  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney arrives for a rally at Missouri Valley Steel in Sioux City, Iowa, on Friday, Dec. 16, 2011, in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. (AP Photo)

    Romney shows emotional side, criticizes Obama over Iraq pullout

    Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, often criticized as a candidate who has difficulty connecting emotionally with voters, talked about the importance of love and family in an unusually personal interview Sunday.

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