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  • Storm shelters opening again in Tuscaloosa

    With another round of storms headed toward Alabama, people are beginning to show up at storm shelters in Tuscaloosa.

  • Comedy writer Ariane Sherine promotes an atheist campaign that is intended to reach a majority of the British population over the next three weeks. (Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

    FIELDS: The new dance on a pinhead

    It's been a long time since Nietzsche announced that God was dead. But debates over the existence of God have taken on an urgency in the 21st century, mainly argued by atheists eager to take on those long-dead monks who counted the angels dancing on the head of a pin. Theology is not a popular subject at the dinner parties of urban political sophisticates; a host who says grace before a meal could curdle the gazpacho. But atheism is a fashionable topic in Washington.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Cain and Abel: The sequel?

    The book has two subtitles, one in the United States and one on the other side of the pond. In the United Kingdom, where Peter Hitchens plies his trade as a popular political columnist for the Mail on Sunday, the subtitle is "Why Faith Is the Foundation of Civilization." Here, it is "How Atheism Led Me to Faith."

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