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  • Forecasters add $65M to next year's estimates

    Louisiana's income forecasting panel Monday rejected a push by Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration to boost revenue forecasts by $118 million next year, instead choosing a more conservative $65 million increase.

  • Special legislative election set for Nov. 4

    House Speaker Chuck Kleckley is calling a special election in November to fill a vacant state House seat representing part of New Orleans.

  • La. legislative session reaches its midway point

    Efforts to raise Louisiana's minimum wage and let school teachers carry guns to work appear jettisoned for the legislative session. Tougher restrictions on the payday lending industry and efforts to lessen marijuana penalties are on life support. And none of the major budget decisions have been settled.

  • Legislature doesn't appeal 'fund sweep' ruling

    The Louisiana Legislature will not appeal a judge's ruling that it was improper to use $3.7 million from a probation and parole officers' retirement fund to balance the state's operating budget.

  • House speaker asks for study of La. tax structure

    House Speaker Chuck Kleckley is calling for a review of Louisiana's tax structure, saying the state needs a stable, easy-to-understand system.

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