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  • The home featured as Texas Ranger Cordell Walker's house in the former television series "Walker, Texas Ranger"  has been listed for $1.2 million. (AP Photo/Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate)

    Chuck Norris puts ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ home on market for $1.2M

    Chuck Norris’ spacious Dallas home from his “Walker, Texas Ranger” television series is on the market. The Mediterranean ranch-style home in the tony Dallas neighborhood of Northwood Hills also was the on-screen residence of Cordell Walker, the roundhouse-kicking Texas Ranger who battled villainy at every turn.

  • Seeking the limelight, with the help of star power

    No presidential candidate worth his chauffeured SUV has reached his personal zenith without this: celebrities to vouch for them. They are the glam and glitter of political campaigns, sure to turn even jaded political operatives into fawning celeb watchers.

  • **FILE** Chuck Norris (Associated Press)

    In Florida run-up, Chuck Norris battles for Gingrich

    Chuck Norris — perhaps best known for his role in "Delta Force" and TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger" — endorsed Newt Gingrich more than a week ago and on Monday the former House speaker's campaign pointed to his words as evidence that the "mainstream media" and "Washington elite" are out of touch with the everyday voters.

  • Correction: People-Chuck Norris

    In a Dec. 2 story about actor Chuck Norris receiving an honorary membership in the Texas Rangers, The Associated Press erroneously reported one of his titles on the his television show, "Walker, Texas Ranger." He was the lead actor and executive producer, not the executive director.

  • Actor Chuck Norris wears a honorary Texas Rangers law enforcement pin during a ceremony Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010, in Garland, Texas. Martial-arts expert Norris became a real-life honorary Texas Ranger after having played a Ranger for years on television. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

    "Walker, Texas Ranger" now Norris, Texas Ranger

    There's only one man tough enough to take down "Walker, Texas Ranger." And that's Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger.

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  • Mr. Norris writes that the Georgia Republican still performed better among women — both evangelical and married — than Mitt Romney.

    In Florida run-up, Chuck Norris battles for Gingrich →

  • "And despite that Romney and his cronies have spent, and will spend, millions and millions of more dollars in Florida and Nevada to perforate Newt's character and record again, which … in Florida alone is 20 times what has been spent there in supporting any other Republican candidate, I am believing that voters will neither be bought by his money nor directed by his political spin and rhetoric, just as those in South Carolina didn't fall for the fool's gold," Mr. Norris said.

    In Florida run-up, Chuck Norris battles for Gingrich →

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