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  • Bruno Mars clear of Vegas cocaine possession case

    Pop star Bruno Mars was cleared of a felony cocaine possession case in Las Vegas on Wednesday, after his attorneys told a state court judge the Grammy-winning pop star stayed out of trouble, performed community service and met other conditions of a plea deal reached almost a year ago.

  • Ex-Vegas prosecutor takes plea deal in coke case

    An ex-prosecutor who handled some of Las Vegas' highest profile drug cases before he was arrested with a $40 rock of crack cocaine in his car has taken a plea deal of the kind he used to negotiate with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars.

  • Drug firms told to pay $162M in hepatitis C case

    A Nevada jury on Monday ordered three pharmaceutical companies to pay $162.5 million in punitive damages in a lawsuit that accused them of negligently distributing large vials of an anesthetic to Las Vegas clinics at the center of a 2008 hepatitis C outbreak.

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