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  • Judge denies union link in O'Bannon trial

    Plaintiffs in the upcoming NCAA antitrust trial will not be able to introduce as evidence the recent decision that allowed Northwestern football players to vote on whether they wanted to join a union.

  • Judge orders NCAA suit to go to trial next month

    A federal judge on Friday denied motions by the NCAA that would delay trial on an antitrust suit by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon and others, ordering the trial to go forward next month in California.

  • Judge denies NCAA motion in O'Bannon lawsuit

    The judge in former UCLA basketball star Ed O'Bannon's antitrust lawsuit on Monday denied a motion filed by the NCAA as part of a bid to delay the scheduled start of the trial next month in federal court.

  • NCAA files motions that could delay O'Bannon trial

    The NCAA has filed a flurry of motions in federal courts, seeking rulings that could delay the start of the landmark antitrust lawsuit brought by former UCLA basketball star Ed O'Bannon and others.

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  • Wilken declared moot one other motion from the NCAA objecting to the testimony of Mary Willingham, a University of North Carolina learning specialist who questioned the literacy level of some school athletes, telling CNN in January that the majority of football and basketball players she studied from 2004-12 read at below-grade levels.

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  • Wilken said evidence of income derived from revenue generated by college athletics is potentially relevant to claims by plaintiffs that others are profiting from college athletics while at the same time illegally restraining the athletes themselves from making money.

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