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  • Judge: Phoenix can't pay officers for union work

    A judge on Wednesday permanently blocked Phoenix from paying police officers for doing union work, finding that the practice violates the Arizona Constitution because it doesn't benefit the public.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Immigration Wars'

    Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick's "Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution" is a must-read for every citizen, wannabe citizen, legal working resident and those illegally working in the shadows of our economy. Their drumbeat title certainly captures the heated nature of our political discourse on immigration.

  • Fla. ex-Gov. Jeb Bush working on immigration book

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a working on a book about one of the Republican Party's most contentious issues: immigration.

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  • Mr. Bolick wrote that the U.S. needs to close loopholes that let people be released from federal custody between immigration hearings and aside from those "deserving few" who might demonstrate true cause for asylum or protection from sex trafficking, unaccompanied minors streaming across the southern border must be sent back to their homes in Central America.

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  • "The rules are enforced in haphazard fashion, so that people cannot know which ads will be allowed or censored," Goldwater attorney Clint Bolick said in a statement. "The Court ruled unanimously that the City failed to follow its own rules, given that the ads were designed to encourage viewers to visit a commercial website for firearms training."

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