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  • Penny Pritzker and her husband have donated more than $133,000 directly to President Obama's political campaigns, election records show. (Associated Press)

    Obama donors get deal; depositors get 'stiffed again'

    A billionaire Chicago family that has donated and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Obama got a deal from the federal government to avoid paying all of a $460 million settlement it agreed to in the 2001 failure of a Chicago-area bank it owned, while 1,400 former depositors are still owed more than $10 million in lost savings.

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  • "Clearly, people who run a bank into the drink should not get another bank until the depositors are paid," said Mr. Krislov. "Owners of a failed bank should not be approved for future bank ownership while former depositors remain unpaid."

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  • "The depositors got nicked coming, going and after the fact," said Clinton Krislov, a lawyer who represents depositors whose accounts exceeded the $100,000 covered by FDIC insurance. "The depositors have gotten all they will from the Pritzkers."

    Obama donors get deal; depositors get 'stiffed again' →

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