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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Liberals owe Bush an apology

    When then-Secretary of State Colin L. Powell went to the United Nations to rally countries behind America's intent to invade Iraq, satellite photos were shown of trucks being loaded with deadly chemicals. Mr. Powell, Congress and President Bush believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. With that belief, along with the atrocities committed by Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein upon Iraqi citizens, America occupied Iraq, but could not find the weapons of mass destruction. As a result, all of the liberals called Mr. Bush a liar and condemned him ad nauseam for what they called an unnecessary war.

  • Election workers count votes at the regional counting center in Khost, Afghanistan, Monday, Sept. 20, 2010. Afghan election observers urged President Hamid Karzai's government on Monday to allow an independent investigation into reports of widespread fraud during weekend's parliamentary elections, including intimidation of voters and interference by powerful warlords. (AP Photo/Nishanuddin Khan)

    EDITORIAL: Progress for democracy in Afghanistan

    Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said Sunday that he didn't know if the United States was winning in Afghanistan. One certain sign of progress is the relative lack of reporting on the recent Wolesi Jirga (parliamentary) election. Had the balloting been a disaster - with wide-scale, strategically significant Taliban attacks, minuscule turnout and unbridled vote fraud - coverage would have been substantial and the prognoses negative. Sometimes, little news is good news.

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