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  • Women less likely to get involved in politics, seek office

    Women are likely to continue being underrepresented in American government and electoral politics for decades to come because of an enduring reluctance to put themselves forward as candidates or consider a political career compared to men, according to a just-released study done of more than 2,100 college students across the country.

  • Paul Ryan

    Students at Miami University greet Ryan as he returns to alma mater

    Rep. Paul Ryan received a warm reception from his alma mater Wednesday, returning to Miami University in Ohio for the first time since joining the Republican ticket last week as Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate.

  • **FILE** Jerry Falwell Jr., chancellor of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. (Associated Press)

    Liberty drops Democrats as official club

    Liberty University says the school's College Democrats chapter can no longer be recognized as an official club because its principles are anathema to the Lynchburg, Va., school's Christian doctrine and because club officials misled the school.

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