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  • Michigan lawmakers balk at new standardized test

    Lawmakers are balking at plans to give Common Core-based exams to kids in Michigan schools next school year, pushing for a pause of the tests expected to replace assessments the state has used for nearly 45 years.

  • Missouri considers dumping new education standards

    Missouri could become the second state to drop new education benchmarks if lawmakers approve legislation to require the state to start the process of writing its own student performance standards.

  • Common Core standards dredge up old apprehensions

    Nevada's efforts to adopt new education standards are being roundly applauded by educators and business leaders but drawing the scorn of some parents who say the initiative is too radical.

  • Jindal criticized for vagueness on Common Core

    Gov. Bobby Jindal has been too vague in his position about Louisiana's use of the toughened education standards known as Common Core, a nonpartisan organization that supports the standards said Thursday.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Take a second look at Common Core

    The Common Core State Standards are a federal effort intended to put state education programs on a national, level playing field. Created in 2009 by the National Governors Association, Common Core initially consisted of testing standards for mathematics and "English language arts" (literacy) to be implemented as a series of tests. Other subjects may be added later, and these include science, history, government, etc.

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