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  • Pennsylvania court weighs gas drilling rules

    A Pennsylvania appeals court appeared skeptical of gas drilling rules that would limit what "trade secrets" the industry must share after a spill.

  • Pa. Supreme Court won't revisit gas drilling case

    Pennsylvania's highest court said Friday it would not revisit its decision striking down a state law that took zoning decisions about natural gas drilling out of the hands of local governments.

  • Media orgs seek to join power outage records cases

    A dozen media organizations, including The Associated Press, sought standing Tuesday to oppose attempts by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to prevent release of documents concerning PPL's handling of a large-scale power outage in 2011.

  • Pa. gov asks court to reverse decision on voter ID

    A judge made a host of mistakes in deciding to throw out the Pennsylvania's requirement that voters display photo identification, lawyers for Gov. Tom Corbett argued in a court filing Monday.

  • Judge spikes photo ID requirement for Pa. voters

    A state judge has struck down the law requiring Pennsylvania's voters to show photo identification at the polls.

  • Pennsylvania justices set voter ID law review

    Pennsylvania's highest court Tuesday told a lower court that it should stop a tough new voter photo identification law from taking effect in this year's presidential election if the judge concludes voters cannot easily get ID cards or thinks they will be disenfranchised.

  • ** FILE ** Viviette Applewhite, 93, a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Pennsylvania's tough new voter identification law, appears in a video played during a news conference at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, as one of her lawyers, Witold J. Walczak of the American Civil Liberties Union, watches. (AP Photo/Marc Levy)

    Pa. high court orders review of voter ID access

    Pennsylvania's highest court on Tuesday told a lower court judge to stop a tough new law requiring voters to show photo identification from taking effect in this year's presidential election if he finds voters cannot get easy access to ID cards or if he thinks voters will be disenfranchised.

  • **FILE** Demonstrators hold signs July 24, 2012, at an NAACP-organized rally on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., to protest the state's new voter identification law. The law is being challenged in court as unconstitutional. Democrats say it's an election year stunt to steal the White House. Republicans say it's necessary to prevent voting fraud. (Associated Press)

    Pa. voters will need to show their IDs

    In a ruling with implications for the presidential race, a judge on Wednesday rejected an effort by civil rights groups to block Pennsylvania's voter-ID law, legislation that Republicans say is needed to prevent fraud at the polls this fall.

  • Pennsylvania's voter-I.D. law challenged in court

    Pennsylvania's tough new voter-identification law was challenged in court Tuesday by 10 registered voters, including some who say they are unable to get the kind of ID now required and one woman who said she had to pay for one despite the law's promise of a free photo ID.

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