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  • An Egyptian protester takes a picture with his mobile phone of his children on top of an Egyptian army tank outside the presidential palace (background) in Cairo on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

    Egyptians protest against disputed constitution

    Several hundred Egyptians marched toward the presidential palace in Cairo on Sunday to protest the president's decision to keep on schedule the referendum on a disputed draft constitution set for next week.

  • Members of the Islamist-dominated Egyptian Constitutional Assembly pushed through a final draft of a new constitution Thursday over the objections of more liberal members. The move is likely to stoke a deepening political crisis between the president and the opposition. (Associated Press)

    Tensions rise over new law in Egypt

    Tensions heightened in advance of massive anti-government protests scheduled for Friday and Saturday after an Islamist-controlled panel hurriedly approved Thursday a final draft of Egypt's constitution that, among its new dictates, would grant Muslim clerics a role in interpreting some legal matters — angering critics and worrying minorities in this secular Islamic nation.

  • Egyptian security forces arrest a protester on his way to the anti-Morsi rally in Cairo. (Associated Press)

    Angry protesters fill Tahrir Square

    Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered Tuesday in the center of Cairo to protest their democratically elected president's recent decrees granting himself near-absolute power, chanting slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood and accusing him of trying to become Egypt's new dictator.

  • Members of Tunisia's newly elected assembly met for the first time in November, but the fledgling democracy is threatened by a weak opposition that isn't offering Tunisians a viable alternative to the parties in power. (Associated Press)

    Tunisia's fractured political foes

    Tunisia's fledgling democracy is threatened by a weak opposition that fails to offer a viable alternative to the well-organized Islamists in power, and discontent is taking the form of riots with extremist overtones instead.

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