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  • Maine's Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Cynthia Dill, speaks to teacher Ted Jordan's high school government class Tuesday in Cape Elizabeth. (Associated Press)

    In Maine's 
3-way Senate 
race, party 
lines blurred

    Sen. Olympia J. Snowe's decision to retire this year, citing "polarization" in Washington, shocked Maine voters and set off a crazy scramble between would-be successors — including a fellow Republican who is feuding with Mrs. Snowe, an independent former governor who vows to try to work with both parties and a Democrat whose own party doesn't particularly want to see her do well.

  • In three-way Senate race in Maine, Democrat Dill in a pickle

    Maine delegates in town for the Democratic National Convention remained optimistic about the three-way Senate race in the Pine Tree State, gamely insisting the values of their candidate, Cynthia Dill, can still prevail even though centrist independent Angus King appears ready to run away with the race.

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