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  • The Washington Times

    PIPES: Kastelorizo: Mediterranean flash point

    That Athens controls this wisp of land implies it could (but does not yet) claim an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Mediterranean Sea extending 200 nautical miles to Kastelorizo. This would reduce the Turkish EEZ to a fraction of what it would be were the island under Ankara's control.

  • Russian ship stopped for carrying arms bound for Syria

    A Russian ship that made an unscheduled stop in Cyprus while carrying tons of arms to Syria was technically violating an EU embargo on such shipments. But the vessel was allowed to continue its journey Wednesday after changing its destination, Cypriot officials said.

  • Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis (right) said Cyprus "cannot accept the 200 or 300 thousand settlers who have come illegally to the occupied areas during the last 37 years." (Associated Press)

    Some Turkish settlers would be welcome in united Cyprus

    Any deal to unite the Greek and Turkish halves of Cyprus would require hundreds of thousands of Turkish settlers to leave the island nation, Cyprus' foreign minister said.

  • The crime scene on an isolated stretch of highway where Mark Andrews was found fatally shot is cordoned off Sept. 28 by police near Johannesburg. Andrews, a business partner of a strip-joint owner killed in May 2010, was slain execution-style. (Associated Press)

    Body count grows in slaying of S. African strip-club owner

    More than a year after the owner of a string of South African strip clubs was fatally shot, police are still chasing his killer.

  • Texas museum to return Orthodox frescoes to Cyprus

    A Houston-based museum exhibiting a set of rare 13th-century frescoes that were looted from Cyprus more than three decades ago has agreed to return them, the leader of the divided island's Orthodox Christian church said Friday.

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel listens to the debate on the eurozone bailout fund in the Bundestag, the lower legislative house, at the Reichstag in Berlin on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

    Germany keeps alive hopes for euro's future

    Germany kept alive hopes that the 17-nation euro currency can survive the sprawling debt crisis when lawmakers in Europe's largest economy on Thursday voted overwhelming in favor of expanding the powers of the eurozone's bailout fund.

  • Euro associations aim to end August exhibitions

    UEFA says Europe's national soccer associations want to have only double-headers for international matches and avoid matches in August.

  • World Scene

    Turkey warned Cyprus against proceeding with offshore oil and gas drilling activities, saying Thursday it would finalize an agreement with Turkish Cypriots to mark out undersea borders to facilitate future oil and gas exploration.

  • 'Zorba' director Cacoyannis dies at 89

    Michael Cacoyannis, the Cyprus born-filmmaker and screenwriter who directed the 1964 film classic "Zorba the Greek," starring Anthony Quinn, has died at an Athens hospital. He was 89.

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