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  • Christopher Harper

    HARPER: Al-Jazeera due some criticism

    Al-Jazeera America, the new network bankrolled by the Persian Gulf kingdom of Qatar, has criticized other U.S. news organizations for their coverage of the budget battle, despite providing little significant insight itself about the conflict.

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  • "[H])olding the entire government hostage while demanding the de facto repeal of a president's signature legislation and not even bothering to negotiate is by any reasonable standard an extreme political act," Mr. Froomkin wrote. "When the media coverage seeks down-the-middle neutrality despite one party's outlandish conduct, there are no political consequences for their actions."

    HARPER: Al-Jazeera due some criticism →

  • Mr. Froomkin argued Republicans must be blamed for the impasse.

    HARPER: Al-Jazeera due some criticism →

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