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  • In Snyder's world, this makes complete sense

    In his tour of NFL second-hand stores and used-coach lots, Dan Snyder has happened upon Jim Fassel. The former New York Giants boss, who was said to be finalizing a deal with Snyder last night, makes perfect sense as a replacement for Joe Gibbs — that is, as "perfect sense" is currently defined in Redskinsland.

  • Williams is not such a safe pick

    The expression on Dan Snyder's face as Joe Gibbs announced his Final Retirement last week could have been interpreted any number of ways.

  • Mora, Snyder discuss opening

    Seattle Seahawks assistant Jim Mora became the third person to interview for the Washington Redskins' coaching position, and Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks is set to chat with owner Dan Snyder today.

  • Redskins reportedly interview Williams

    Gregg Williams, the leading candidate to succeed Joe Gibbs as coach of the Washington Redskins, didn't have to wait long for his interview with team owner Dan Snyder.

  • This fix should be in: Go out and find a GM

    A side benefit of Joe Gibbs' resignation is that it gave Washington Redskins fans a chance to hear from owner Dan Snyder, who has been reluctant to speak publicly in recent years about his franchise.

  • Gibbs retires as Redskins coach

    Ultimately, Joe Gibbs chose playing Scrabble with his grandchildren in Charlotte over coaching the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field.

  • Gone with job left unfinished

    The first time Joe Gibbs retired in 1993, he left Redskin Park as a conquering king, a three-time Super Bowl winner bound for Canton. The atmosphere yesterday at his Second Farewell Address was decidedly different. Coach Joe seemed more like an outgoing one-term president — not a failure, necessarily, but a man who was leaving behind a fair share of unfinished business.

  • Is this the Season of Sean?

    Other than the generosity of Dan Snyder's checkbook, no Washington Redskins topic generates more praise than the performance, future and personality of safety Sean Taylor.

  • First Down


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