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  • Teen stabbed in stomach outside Metro station

    A teenager was stabbed in the stomach during a fight outside of a Metrorail station Sunday morning, Metro police said.

  • Metro: No decisions on service changes for Sandy

    The D.C.-area transit system says most of its preparations for Hurricane Sandy are complete, but it's still unclear how or whether the storm will impact service.

  • Heat wave slows Metro trains

    Metro implemented speed restrictions Tuesday afternoon because of an increased risk of heat-warped tracks, causing delays through rush hour, into the evening and possibly into Wednesday as temperatures climb.

  • Metro seeking answers to computer malfunction

    Metro officials still were not sure Sunday evening why a computer system that monitors all of the trains in the system stopped working twice over the weekend, stranding passengers at stations for 40 minutes on Saturday afternoon and temporarily halting trains early Sunday morning.

  • Metro Green Line reopened with likely delays

    High temperatures caused a "heat kink" along a stretch of Metrorail track, officials said, closing a portion of Green Line service throughout the weekend and likely impacting the Monday morning rush hour.

  • Metro tries speeding the rush

    Metro's much-anticipated Rush Plus service, a new Metrorail schedule intended to bring more commuters to more places on more trains, begins Monday.

  • Even with big salaries, Metro can't fill its jobs

    The mechanics tasked with maintaining the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's chronically broken escalators start at $81,000 a year. Bus driver pay goes as high as $114,000 for anyone with a driver's license and a GED.

  • Cracked Metro rail fixed for evening commute

    The broken Metro rail that caused delays Wednesday morning was caused by the sudden drop in temperatures but has been repaired in time for the evening rush hour, transit agency officials said.

  • Metro property found in home of employee

    Nine laptop computers, a power generator, a DVD player, a BlackBerry wireless device, a color printer, a digital camera, lots of tools and a computer monitor used for watching movies were among dozens of items of Metro property found inside the home of a longtime transit worker.

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