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  • Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: "Once we take action [in Syria], we should be prepared for what comes next. Deeper involvement is hard to avoid. As we weigh our options, we should be able to conclude with some confidence that the use of force will move us toward the intended outcome."

    Cruise missiles unlikely to deter Syrian regime, analysts say

    The Pentagon's most likely means of attacking Syria will not degrade or deter the regime's use of chemical weapons, and could drag the U.S. more deeply into Syria's civil war, retired military officers and analysts say.

  • ** FILE ** The F-16 is one of the Air Force's tactical aircraft. (Associated Press)

    Fleets fade away with Pentagon budget cuts

    America's aging tactical Air Force — the jets that protect ground troops and strike hard-to-reach targets — is shrinking just as the Pentagon is cutting even more planes to achieve nearly a half-trillion dollars in spending cuts.

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