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  • Rep. Doc Hastings

    Obama unilaterally expands California monument land

    Wielding his pen again, President Obama signed an executive order Tuesday to set aside public lands in California for a national monument, bypassing the Democratic-controlled Senate in the process.

  • Illustration American Energy by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    LUTHI: Energy right on our shores

    When the Interior Department released its five-year plan for our nation's offshore energy resources late last month, it revealed that President Obama's "all of the above" energy strategy excludes new areas for offshore natural gas and oil.

  • **FILE** Rep. Doc Hastings, Washington Republican (Associated Press)

    Republicans vote to subpoena oil moratorium documents

    House Republicans voted Wednesday to authorize congressional subpoenas demanding the Obama administration turn over documents it has refused to turn over in two investigations, including one looking at the post-Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium.

  • **FILE** Rep. Doc Hastings, Washington Republican (Associated Press)

    Government data undercut Obama's energy claims

    Countering President Obama's claim that he's doing everything he can to increase domestic oil production, a top House Republican Thursday released data from the Energy Department showing that fossil fuel production on federal lands has fallen since Mr. Obama took office.

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