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  • Illustration: SEAL mask by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    TYRRELL: An imposter's complaint

    Here we are in the afterglow of another Memorial Day. The flags and the bunting are being put away. The memories endure for another year of our honored dead, of the brave wounded, of the veterans - some grizzled, some still youthful - all deserving their country's gratitude. Then there are the imposters, who often from zilch have created military honors, whole careers, records of heroism and splendid triumphs. What wretches.

  • Steve Waterman, author and former Navy underwater photographer, is one of an elite few who track down people who falsely claim they are U.S. Navy SEALS. (Associated Press

    Sleuths expose men who pretend to be SEALs

    Navy SEAL wannabes lie to get free beers, to get women into bed, to further their civilian careers or to get military benefits. And the number of phonies will probably only grow with the SEALs in the spotlight for the May 1 operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

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