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  • Former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld speaks at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013. (AP Photo/The Grand Rapids Press, Emily Zoladz)

    Donald Rumsfeld on Obama: He’s ‘feckless’ on Syria

    Former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld isn't pulling any punches when it comes to President Obama's notion to launch airstrikes on Syria without following up with ground troops or additional military presence: That type of "minimalist" strategy doesn't work.

  • John Seigenthaler, who spent 11 years at NBC, will anchor the evening news for Al Jazeera America, which launches Tuesday.
(Al Jazeera America)

    Inside the Beltway: Much too much information

    Not long after the Iraq war began, another conflict also was underway between news organizations and the Pentagon, tasked with supplying information to the restless press in a 24/7 marketplace without compromising the safety of troops or the security of the mission. Then Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was often on the hot seat, facing down journalists and their demands for more, more, more.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Rumsfeld's Rules'

    Whether you are a business owner, member of Congress, professor, soccer mom, college student, administrative assistant or anything in between, you could probably learn a few lessons from Donald H. Rumsfeld's new leadership guide.

  • Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld leans on his time as a Navy pilot with advice for President Obama.

    Inside the Beltway: Rumsfeld rule for Obama

    Donald H. Rumsfeld has created considerable buzz with his book "Rumsfeld's Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War, and Life," which includes 400 advisories for those who would be leaders. Among those rules: American is not what's wrong with the world. If you expect people to be on the landing, include them in the takeoff. If you're coasting, you're going downhill.

  • **FILE** Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld delivers his speech to the crowd during a "Symposium on Values and Consequences" as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of The Washington Times at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington on Oct. 2, 2012. (The Washington Times)

    Inside the Ring: Rumsfeld hits Obama

    Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld blamed President Obama's apologies and policies of blaming America for the ills of the world as the root cause behind the anti-U.S. violence that erupted recently in the Muslim world.

  • Rumsfeld blasts Obama at TWT anniversary gala

    Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld offered a sharp and at times biting critique of the Obama administration's defense and national security record, saying the president's policies in the Middle East, Europe and East Asia have cost the country prestige and influence and put America on a path to decline.

  • ** FILE ** Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, here in 2004 with U.S. troops in Iraq. (Associated Press)

    Rumsfeld still opposes Law of Sea Treaty

    Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld criticized the U.N.'s Law of the Sea Treaty as a potential burden on U.S. companies, just hours after six four-star military officers had hailed the treaty as a key diplomatic tool.

  • Inside the Ring

    The Pentagon's senior weapons-buying official said this week that a program for purchasing offensive and defensive military equipment for cyberwarfare is still being worked on.

  • ** FILE ** Sen. Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat

    Senator pushes for last word on Bush-era war briefings

    The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee is intervening with a Pentagon investigator to influence the final wording of a report that exonerates George W. Bush-era officials who gave war briefings to retired military TV and radio commentators.

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