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    HOPLEY: Remembering Doris Lessing

    Nobel Prize-winner Doris Lessing, who died Sunday at age 94, arrived in England in 1949 with the manuscript of a novel called "The Grass is Singing." It's about a lonely white woman living on an isolated African farm who falls in love with her black servant. It became an instant best-seller in England. Not so in South Africa or southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where it was set and where she had grown up. It was banned because she had attacked the social and racial status quo. That was typical of her. She was what the English call a stirrer: ready to mix things up — in the interests of reform, yes, but more importantly, to ferret out the hidden or revelatory. Having stirred once, she was ever ready to stir and stir again so she could experience new ideas and see where they led.

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