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  • Balloons spell out the number 2013 at an outdoor festival to celebrate the end of Allentown's 250th year Monday, Dec. 31, 2012, in Allentown, Pa. (AP Photo/The Express-Times, Matt Smith)

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    Think the number 13 is something to be scared of? Try spelling the fear's official name without breaking into a cold sweat: triskaidekaphobia.

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  • "The thing to celebrate on a day like 12/12/12 is the fact that the human mind is capable of discerning patterns," said Edward Burger, a professor of mathematics at Williams College in Massachusetts. "It's why we create amazing pieces of music, why we create amazing works of art and why we create amazing ideas."

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  • "In Judaism, when you are 13, you become an adult," he said.

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