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  • Tunisian walk past a burned out car, in Tunis, Monday, Feb. 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Hassene Dridi)

    Tunisia ends 20-year ban for Islamist party

    A Tunisian Islamist party banned for more than 20 years was legalized Tuesday, while the country's most prominent opposition figure quit the unity government amid renewed uncertainty about where Tunisia is headed.

  • Rachid Ghanouchi (center) addresses supporters shortly after arriving in Tunis, Tunisia, on Sunday. The leader of a Tunisian Islamist party was long outlawed by authorities. (Associated Press)

    Leader of Islamist party returns to Tunisia after decades in exile

    The leader of a long-outlawed Tunisian Islamist party returned home Sunday after two decades in exile, telling the Associated Press in his first interview on arrival that his views are moderate and that his Westward-looking country has nothing to fear.

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