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  • Brandeis Medal being given to journalist, author

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eugene Robinson will be in Louisville next month to receive the University of Louisville School of Law's Brandeis Medal for social justice advocacy.

  • Illustration: The debate by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    TYRRELL: Republicans losing the tax debate

    Do my eyes deceive me? It seems that the Republicans are in danger of losing the debate on cutting taxes. Some 30 years after President Reagan proved that tax cuts encourage economic growth, which enriches us all, glum figures like President Obama are roaming the land talking about the apolaustic lives of the very rich and the need to take their loot so we can all live better. Facts are facts: If you expropriated all the wealth from the top 1 percent, you would but dent our national debt, and then where would you get the money for next year and the year after that? Class warfare is not the answer.

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