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  • Passengers hoping to leave Libya wait outside Tripoli International Airport on Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011. Those people who managed to get out of the Libyan capital described a scene of chaos at the airport, with people shoving and climbing over one another to get on planes. (AP Photo/str)

    4,500 Chinese escape Libya by sea; Americans stuck

    Two ferries carrying 4,500 Chinese workers from strife-torn Libya arrived at the Mediterranean island of Crete on Thursday, despite rough seas that left hundreds of Americans stranded on a docked ferry in Tripoli.

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  • "The airport is just a zoo. There's about 10,000 people there, all trying to get out," Ewan Black of Great Britain told the BBC as he got off a flight at London's Gatwick Airport. "It's just absolutely manic; basically, it's uncontrolled."

    4,500 Chinese escape Libya by sea; Americans stuck →

  • "I lost all my luggage. It's literally bodies climbing over bodies to get to the door," Mr. Black said. "I was on my knees at one stage and so was my colleague, and it was actually one of the Libyan police who grabbed my arm when I showed him my passport and pulled me in, and I pulled the other guy in as well."

    4,500 Chinese escape Libya by sea; Americans stuck →

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