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  • Egyptian military ousts President Morsi as leader decries 'full coup'

    Egypt's military ousted the country's democratically elected president Wednesday and appointed a caretaker administrator, a move denounced by the deposed leader's supporters as a coup but celebrated by millions of opponents with rallies and fireworks.

  • Egyptians chant slogans supporting Islamist President Mohammed Morsi during a rally near Cairo University in Giza, Egypt, on July 2, 2013. With a military deadline for intervention ticking down, protesters seeking the ouster of Egypt's Islamist president sought to push the embattled leader further toward the edge with another massive display of people power. Arabic on the poster reads, "no alternative to legitimacy." (Associated Press)

    Morsi vows not to resign as military's deadline arrives

    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and his army generals headed for a showdown Wednesday as they vowed to spill their blood for the country hours before the clock ran out on a military ultimatum Wednesday. The Islamist leader and the opposition were told to defuse a political crisis that has entered its fourth day.

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