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  • Cover story: Loan conditions hinge on down payment

    Potential homebuyers eager to take advantage of today's low mortgage rates and relatively more affordable home prices sometimes are stymied by the prospect of accumulating a substantial down payment.

  • Sen. Robert Menendez, New Jersey Democrat (Associated Press)

    EDITORIAL: Occupying your mortgage

    Politicians and realtors want to maintain a permanent government occupation of the housing market. If the hippies clogging the streets of major cities had any integrity for their cause, they'd speak out against mortgage lending practices that stick taxpayers with the bills when banks make bad loans. On Thursday night, the Senate voted 60-38 to do more of the same.

  • Cover story: Registries raise cash gifts, avoid etiquette no-no

    While champagne flutes, table linens and toasters are traditional wedding gifts, many of today's brides and grooms already have established a home together and have more than enough household goods. Yet asking for cash gifts is seen by many as a longtime etiquette no-no.

  • Briefly: Economy

    The Obama administration is making it easier for out-of-work homeowners to stay in their homes, as it tries to revamp its troubled foreclosure-prevention program.

  • Mortgage Q&A: VA loans ideal for first-timers

    The subprime mortgage market is largely extinct, and this probably is a good thing. Partially filling the void left by subprime loans are Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans. Last week, I discussed features and advantages of FHA mortgages. This week, I'd like to talk about VA loans.

  • Mortgage Q&A: FHA loan best deal for many

    The demise of subprime, no-documentation and no-down-payment loans is more than three years past. Many folks with less-than-perfect credit and little cash have turned to Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans for their home financing needs.

  • Cover story: New FHA rules lock out some buyers

    Borrowers seeking Federal Housing Administration loans will soon feel the pinch, as mortgage insurance premiums on FHA loans have been increased along with borrowers' credit-score requirements.

  • Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan says the administration's goal no longer is "for all Americans to become homeowners," but rather to promote the American dream only for those who can afford it. (Associated Press)

    Owning a house no longer part of the American dream?

    As Congress and the White House debate how to patch up the housing market after four years of crisis, one clear lesson has emerged: Political leaders for the first time in decades no longer see the American dream of homeownership as the all-consuming goal it once was.

  • Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner

    White House proposes winding down Fannie, Freddie

    The Obama administration Friday morning endorsed a very gradual phasing-down of the enormous role Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now play in the housing market, taking a first step by reducing the size of loans they can guarantee.

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