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Topic - Feinberg

Feinberg, Feinberger is surname of:* Aaron Feinberg, American rollerblading champion* Avshalom Feinberg (1889 – 1917), a leader of Nili* Benjamin F. Feinberg (1888 – 1959), NY politician* Israel L. Feinberg, Manhattan coroner* Gerald Feinberg, American physicist* Joel Feinberg (1926 – 2004), American philosopher* Kenneth Feinberg, American attorney, Special Master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund* Leslie Feinberg, transgender activist* Martin Feinberg, chemist* Louis Feinberg, pseudonym Larry Fine (1902 – 1975), one of The Three Stooges* Samuel Feinberg, pseudonym Sammy Fain (1902 – 1989), American popular music composer* Samuil Feinberg, a Russian composer and pianist* Steve Feinberg, founder of Cerberus Capital Management, LP - Source: Wikipedia

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